Burial Caskets

Some Facts and Trends

The Casket Industry

A casket originally referred to a case used to store precious items. However, later in the 19th century it got an additional meaning as a box for keeping the bodies of the dead during burial. In this context, a casket can be defined as a rectangular box where dead bodies are laid to rest..

Recent Trends

Sales Trends

The casket industry, unlike other industries, shows a slow but highly stable growth rate in the United States. Sentiments is one of the major factors driving casket sales, as people treat the caskets and other burial products as a memorial of their love and respect towards the deceased ones.


Eco-friendly caskets have become the latest trend in the funeral industry. An increasing number of people are adopting environment friendly burial products as a way to honor their loved ones and Mother Earth. There are some companies that offer to plant a tree for every casket they sell.


Pre-planning makes funeral organizing an easier task for all involved. It also helps in making burial merchandise selection more sensible to remain within the budget. Companies offering services in line with pre-planning are capable of conducting funerals very effectively and economically.

Grand Farewell

A funeral is always a painful ceremony to go through. But it can also be considered as a way to show gratitude and celebrate a life well-lived. Buying the right casket is not only just a part of the ceremony, but it is also a way of bidding farewell to your dear ones in the grandest way possible.