Alaskan Yellow Cedar sheets and blocks

Alaskan Yellow Cedar milled sheets, wood strips and carving blocks for your wood project

If you can't find a size you need listed below, or if you need milled boxwood strips, please contact us so we can  custom mill them for you.  

Heartwood is a light yellow tan. Sapwood is a similar whitish/pale yellow and isn’t distinct from the heartwood. Color tends to darken and deepen with age upon exposure to light.  

Alaskan Yellow Cedar is a soft wood but much harder than basswood.  It was a favorite for Native American wood carvers in the Pacific Northwest.  It holds an edge really well when carved and machined.  It carves like butter.  Has a distinctive "Cedar" aroma.  It is very strong and flexible which makes Alaskan Yellow Cedar an excellent wood for ship modelers.